Still haven’t chosen a New Years’ resolution? How about selecting one that is relatively simple and will benefit your dental and overall health?

All you have to do is floss. It’s as simple as that!

Some Americans don’t floss as much as they should, others don’t floss at all! Flossing should be part of your daily dental hygiene routine. The American Dental Association recommends brushing your teeth at least twice daily, and flossing at least once.

The act of flossing not only releases food stuck between teeth, but it also removes plaque build up. Plaque build up between teeth and on gums leads to gingivitis, tooth decay and eventually gum disease. Gum disease can harm not only your mouth, but also your entire body. It can lead to diabetes, heart attacks, strokes, low birth weight babies, and dementia. Click here for more information on gum disease and how to prevent it.

Here you can find a quick tutorial on how to properly floss your teeth. And, be sure to ask at your next hygiene or dental appointment about how to increase the effectiveness of your flossing!